This course is currently offered as 1-1. It is offered online and is spread over 6 sessions. This is designed for Biologist, and we use free software’s (no programming required). Extensive focus is on Experimental Design, Data Analysis and Visualization. The cost is €490 spread over 5 sessions.

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  1. Getting started with Biostatistics
  2. Understanding the difference between Sample and Population
  3. Experimental Design
  4. Sample size calculation
  5. Visualization
  6. Calculating Mean Median Mode etc
  7. Calculating Variance, Standard Deviation and Standard Error
  8. Plotting the Results
  9. Understanding Normal, Binomial and other Distribution.
  10. Understanding Probability
  11. Understanding Type 1 and Type 2 Error.
  12. Forcing the Data to Follow Normal Distribution
  13. Data Normalization
  14. Significance Analysis for Parametric data e.g. t-test and ANOVA
  15. Significance Analysis for Non-Parametric test e.g. Wilcoxon signed rank test and Mann-Whitney test.
  16. Chi-Square Test
  17. Regression and Correlation


  1. Biostatistics for Clinical Research.
  2. Biostatistics for Lab Experiments
  3. Biostatistics for Field Experiments
  4. Advanced Biostatistics