Multi Omics Data Analysis

This course is currently offered as 1-1. It is offered online and is spread over 5 sessions. You can work with our test data or can bring in your data. The cost is €490 spread over 5 sessions. This Course is Designed for Biologist

The Objective of this course is to make Biologist self sufficient in working with Multi Omics Dataset. You will be able to bring is expression datasets from RNA-Sequencing, Quantitative Proteomics, miRNA-Sequencing and other datasets including Clinical datasets and start pulling out relevant information.

Another aim of this course is to Study Dataset in Light of Gene Ontology, Pathways and Networks and develop relevant Biological Models.


  1. Introduction to diverse OMICS dataset
  2. Downloading relevant dataset from GEO and Array Express
  3. Uploading all the dataset to Access
  4. Creating queries
  5. Creating Venn Diagram
  6. Gene Ontology and Pathways Analysis
  7. Network Analysis using Cytoscape
  8. Genome Visualization on Browser and Interpretation
  9. Creating your own Pathways and Illustrations.
  10. Querying Relevant Public Datasets