RNA Sequencing

This course is currently offered as 1-1. It is offered online and is spread over 8 sessions. You can work with our test data or can bring in your data. The cost is €990 spread over 8 weeks. During the course, you will have access to our server (100 hr) and learning material including scripts.


  1. Fundamentals of RNA Sequencing
  2. Quality Control
  3. Alignment with Reference Genome
  4. Expression Quantification
  5. Differential Expression Genes
  6. Clustering Analysis (Optional)
  7. Time Series Analysis (Optional)
  8. ANOVA (Optional)
  9. Visualization on Genome Browser
  10. Gene Ontology and Pathways Analysis
  11. Gene Network Analysis
  12. Fusion Genes (Optional)
  13. Alternate Splicing (Optional)
  14. Working with Novel Genes (Optional)
  15. cSNP (Optional)
  16. De-Novo (Optional)

Optional Modules are not included in price.