Learn Computational Biology by solving problems.

Essential bio-statistics for biologist using Excel

This Course is about Performing basic biostatistical analysis using Excel. The Course is Designed for Scientist busy working in Lab. This tutorial will use diabetes dataset from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Getting Started with Next Generation Sequencing

In this course the student learns the basics of Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis. The Course is designed for Biologist and Bioinformatician willing to get a head start in NGS Data Analysis. For the study we will use whole exome sequencing of human primary uveal melanomas

Developing Artificial Intelligence Models for Life Science

In this course, we will develop a classifier for prognostic models using Clinical Dataset. It is designed for Biologist, and Data Scientist venturing into developing Deep Learning Models. This tutorial will use diabetes dataset from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Detailed Biostatistics

This course is developed on top of the above Free Course and dives deeper and explores experimental design, sample size estimation and a large array of analysis techniques. This course is build around Free Software's and offers extensive visualization techniques (no programming will be required). It comes is 3 Specialization; Clinical Research, Lab and Field Experiments. 

Multi-OMICS data analysis

This course is highly recommended for Biologist working with OMICS datasets. You may be having Expression Values or a Variant Calling File  or data from other high throughput analysis, and looking forward to make informed decisions; this course will help you perform the downstream analysis, interpretation and integration. 

RNA Sequencing

Learn working with RNA Sequencing data. This course comes pre-packed with 1-1 interactions, access to server, multiple workflows and downstream analysis. We provided full training and extended support to make you self sufficient in Genomics analysis. This would suit a Biologist (PhD, Postdoc or Researcher) who is planning to run a RNA Sequencing experiment.

Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Single cell analysis can be extremely demanding. We provide comprehensive training and work with your data to make the most out of your experiment. This is ideal for someone exploring in to the new area of Single Cell Sequencing

DNA Sequencing

Learn working with DNA Sequencing datasets, weather it is WGS, Exome or Targeted sequencing, we provide tailored learning program. You will also learn how to integrate with SNP database and follow on with the downstream analysis.

miRNA Sequencing

Small RNA Sequencing experiments are increasingly getting more popular. One of the challenges is to integrate with other OMICS datasets. We provide comprehensive training on working with miRNA data

Epigenetics Sequencing

Learn more on Epigenetic Sequencing data analysis. Whether you are performing methylation study, or performing a ChIP or ATAC Sequencing we have training material and workflows to suit your needs.

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  4. Clinical Biostatistics
  5. Systems Biology